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IT Girl is a new program dedicated to the mentoring of young woman interested in becoming the best possible version of themselves. Lisa Morales & Sindy Perez are hosting two day seminars that will guide and help you launch your career and social status to the next level. WE invite you to join our... "IT GIRL TALK". Currently only in Miami. Use the request city button below to let us know you want us to come to a city near you.

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In each of our two day seminar sessions we cover everything from first impression basics to learning how to create and refine your digital brand persona. In the excitement of starting on a new venture, these important fundamentals often get glossed over, but they're crucial to your success. You've got to have a plan girl!

We discuss finding daily inspiration, fitness lifestyle changes, doing your makeup correctly and fabulously (for day and night!) how to start your business and finally, learning how to extract the maximum juice out of social media!

We go deep into the topic of money and how to make it, from promotion, to creating your own products and everything that falls in between! We'll give you the lowdown on building a brand from scratch, how to network, how to take great photos for your brand, and essential business documents! Learn how to get noticed, get seen, and most importantly, get your brand making money!


Lisa Morales


TV Personality, Host, Model, Brand Ambassador, Philanthropist, & Fitness Mentor

Lisa Morales is a TV Personality, Host, Model, Brand Ambassador, Philanthropist, and Fitness Mentor. Featured in some of the most affluent TV networks and modeling forums, Lisa has experience that spans nearly every scope of the entertainment industry. With a strong work ethic, broad appeal, beauty and charm that is undeniable, her ability to impact both Spanish and English speaking audiences is limitless. Lisa is one of the founders of Miami Model Citizens charity organization created in early 2013. Miami Model Citizens are “more than a bunch of pretty faces” giving back to the community.

Lisa’s passion for fitness and nutrition has led her to creating her own Lisa Morales Daily Fitness page dedicated for her female followers. She has also hosted many events for Maxim Magazine and has been featured for Maxim Hottie. She’s currently featured in Buffalo Jeans 2015’s marketing campaigns. You might also know Lisa was the lead model (the first original model) for Hot Miami Styles, a very popular online clothing retail store which has become very successful. She has been regularly featured in online catalogs and billboards for Hot Miami Styles.

Lisa is a top social media influencer and mentor. Dedicated and loyal to her fans, her social media following exceeding 2.75 Million + followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In early 2014 Lisa partnered with Sindy Perez to start "IT Girl", two day event seminars hosted currently in Miami. IT Girl seminar topics include Social Media, Brand Marketing, & Fitness plus a lot more. Aspiring IT Girl's will learn of the "trade secrets" and proven strategies Lisa has used to successfully move her to the top of her entrepreneurial career.
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Sindy Perez


International Freelance Model, Makeup Artist, & Commercial Photographer

Sindy Perez is an international freelance model, makeup artist, and commercial photographer based out of Miami Beach, Fl. Her interest in the Modeling industry began while she was in high school and by her early twenties she was in pursuit of a career that would eventually lead her to working with well known brands such as Hotheads Hair extensions, Bijoux Turner, Dell,, and

Being in the makeup chair throughout her career and seeing herself transform day-to-day, she began to dive deeper in the creative process of makeup application. In 2006, Sindy was hired as the face of Mehron Cosmetics and was being featured throughout their international marketing campaigns. During her time with the company, she decided to transition from modeling to Makeup artist, eventually becoming a key artist and Instructor. Now, with over ten years of working experience, Sindy has taught Makeup seminars in major cities like Orlando, NY, Chicago, LA and London. In 2014, she joined popular app “Beautylish” as a key artist to launch a major UK brand in the US. Having to do makeup for Beauty Editors for popular Magazines such as Cosmopolitan and People!

After purchasing her first DSLR camera in 2010, Sindy stumbled into the art of photography and has since, never looked back. She opened her Photography Company in 2011 when she began getting approached by younger girls who were looking to follow in her footsteps. Utilizing her experience in front of the lens to help develop models and portfolios she has been successful in getting these women signed by multiple Agencies. Driven by a desire to help like-minded women succeed, Sindy partnered up with Lisa Morales to create IT GIRL in 2014, A seminar teaching women the proven strategies they have used to successfully move to the top of their entrepreneurial careers.

Lisa Morales, Sindy Perez